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About Boulevard Middle East

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Boulevard Middle East is characterized by the diversity of its products and services to cover the largest possible amount of the client's needs, we have the expertise to study the requirements of customers technically and administratively on various types to ensure greater coherence between the products and achieve the greatest possible return on investment.

We work with integrity, the relationship between us and our clients is completely clear and honest. Our company evolution is fully depends on clients satisfaction and their conviction that we have provided them a greater interest than expected.

  • Financial Management
  • Business Accounting
  • Inventory Management
  • Hospitals Management
  • Workshops MS
  • Payroll Management
  • Manufacturing MS
  • Cost Management
  • Document Archiving
  • Document Workflow
  • Orphans IMS
  • Financial Contracts
  • Network Designing
  • Network Implementing
  • IT Planning
  • Support Contracts
  • Web Development
  • Domain Registration
  • Website Hosting
  • CMS
  • Web Applications
  • Restaurants MS
  • Hotels Management
  • Pocket PC & Tablet
  • Mobile Applications

WHY TO CHOOSE Boulevard Middle East ?

Choosing a company with many IT fields expertise will enrich your establishment's IT requirements, bypass technology headache and makes you focus on your business.

Our long experience has been refined through dozens of projects that we have implemented over a long period of time, we were through many obstacles and have fallen into numbers of mistakes, we celebrated the success and felt frustrated at other times, we never gave up and we were always deliver our customers to their goals, beyond their goals perhaps.

By choosing Boulevard Middle East, you shorten the time and money and increase the likelihood of success of your project.

The diversity of services under one roof increases the chances of coherence and harmony between the different requirements of your company; we guarantee the unity and the correlation of your services in best standards.

Isn’t it better to get all your services and products in one place?

Our dual expertise in both sectors of information technology and financial management makes us one of the strongest companies that can completely control your company confidentiality against privacy Invaders, Boulevard Middle East is committed to maintaining the privacy of your work and to ensure confidentiality.

Our success is related to your satisfaction, we at Boulevard Middle East consider ourselves partners in success to our clients, we are keen to ensure you a complete help to reach your goals, set sail and let us care about the details.


Accounting Management
Website Design
Network Consulting & Implementation
Support Contracts
Web hosting

Our Clients

These are the clients behind our success

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